Monday, June 8, 2009

Parking Meters: Is it a DUPLICATE work order?

NO! iSLIMS cannot have DUPLICATE work orders. It is not designed that way.

In iSLIMS, we have a UNIQUE WORK ORDER #. Each work order can have ONE or MORE problems, and ONE or MORE repairs. These are called LINE ITEMS.
We display information on DETAIL reports and Data Entry Lists -- by listing ALL of the PROBLEMS and REPAIRS for each work order. This does not mean that there are duplicate WORK ORDERS. Instead, it means that a WORK order, can have multiple problem / repair line items.
For example
WO# 680661
may have
FLASHING FAIL (Hansen) and
COIN JAM listed as their problems
In this case you would see in a detail report
680661 COIN JAM

In this case, there is only ONE work order...with TWO line items.

The WORK ORDER # 680661 is sent to ACS ONLY ONCE. They only have ONE work order to respond to. Their WORK ORDER will have our #680661 listed on it somewhere. When ACS CLOSES out 680661....BOTH OF OUR LINE ITEMS for this work ticket are closed at the same time. If ACS sends to us multiple REPAIR CODES....we will list these too. So for example, when ACS closes out the #680661 - we might see listed in iSLIMS:
WORK ORDER# 680661

Problems / Repairs Line Items:
680661 COIN JAM
680661 Dome Repaired
680661 Coin Jam Repaired
680661 Mech Check OK
This does not mean that we now have 5 WORK ORDERS....we still have ONE work order...but now we have 5 problem / repairs (line items) that are associated with the work ticket.
Typically - tickets from HANSEN, will only have ONE problem associated with them. Tickets that are generated from the DDOT staff - may have more than one problem per work order -- simply because they have this option during data entry.

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