Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Parking Meters Performance Monitoring Results: April 2010

Overall Analysis:

April Liquidated Damages ($4,305.60) stem entirely from LATE servicing of requests. The performance results for April 2010 indicate NO meter operability issues or assessed damages for single space or multi space meters.

Meter operability is based on a CORRECT count of parking meter assets in the meter inventory. Currently, this meter count (and meter inventory) REMAINS INFLATED for single space meters at 14,274. Meter inventory for multi space meters is 509.

51% of all meter calls for service -- resulted in NO FOUND PROBLEMS from the ACS repair technician. This means, that of all issues reported by DC citizens, only 49% of these calls were actual malfunctions.

Note: February results that appear in this report were NOT revised for SNOW or POWER outage issues that appeared on the prior (February) reporting results. The Feb numbers do not affect APRIL reporting.

Performance Report Results:
LATE: Dashboard, Summary, Detail
Multi Space Operability: Dashboard, Summary, Detail
Single Space Operability: Dashboard, Summary, Detail

Other Report Results:
Most frequently reported Meters Reported for Repairs
Top Repairs Made
Top Rejections due to invalid meter number


1. Top rejections due to invalid meter number is just approx 11%. This means that 11% of all service request were for "invalid" parking meters - meters that are not "defined" in the ACS inventory. It appears that much of this is "bad data" that is being passed from the Call Center system to CityWorks.

2. The new CityWorks/CSR application is automatically CLOSING parking meter repair requests BEFORE the request is provided to ACS via iSLIMS. The citizen making the request is under the impression that the work is being repaired, when in fact the repair request is prematurely closed. The number of service requests, and the overall percentage affected is unknown, but the issue was identified in mid-November and is awaiting resolution by DDOT IT

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