Thursday, February 25, 2010

Parking Meters Performance Monitoring Results: January 2010

The performance results for January 2010 indicate NO meter operability issues. Meter operability is based on a CORRECT count of parking meter assets in the meter inventory. Currently, this meter count (and meter inventory) REMAINS INFLATED and INCORRECT -- resulting in better than expected results for meter operability. The problems with obtaining a correct meter inventory remain ongoing issues between the District and ACS.

Performance Report Results:
LATE: Dashboard, Summary, Detail
Multi Space Operability: Dashboard, Summary, Detail
Single Space Operability: Dashboard, Summary, Detail

Other Report Results:
Most frequently reported Meters Reported for Repairs
Top Repairs Made
Top Rejections due to invalid meter number

Unresolved Issues:

1. Top rejections due to invalid meter number. It appears that either the CSR (Call Center) or CityWorks has modified their process - and is no longer sending (during the month of December) to iSLIMS invalid meter numbers. It is unfortunate that CSR or CityWorks has modified this process without collaboration, as iSLIMS will no longer be able to provide feedback to ACS as to which meters may be mis-labeled.

2. The new CityWorks/CSR application is automatically CLOSING parking meter repair requests BEFORE the request is provided to ACS. The citizen making the request is under the impression that the work is being repaired, when in fact the repair request is prematurely closed. The number of service requests, and the overall percentage affected is unknown, but the issue was identified in mid-November and is awaiting resolution by DDOT IT.

3. The multi space operability numbers for December and January have shown an unusual trend - in that there are NO multi space meter operability issues. The values indicate a red flag - and should be investigated to determine the reason for the change. For example, the results posted for NOVEMBER, no longer match the 90 day results (which include November). The inventory counts for multi space have been reduced to 503 for this month - and single space numbers are now under 15,000. Single space numbes remain inflated - as approx 12,500 is the expected inventory count. ACS has been unable to provide a clean inventory of meter assets to DDOT despite repeated requests. The current meter inventory assets are inflated, which in turn results in operability numbers that appear better than actual results.

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