Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Parking Meters: Report showing the # of Call Center work tickets OPEN each week

Here is a sample of how to obtain a report that shows the number of Call Center service tickets that were OPEN at the end of a 1 week period.

Click on any of the images to see a larger view. The Command Center (Dashboard) displays which dropdown item should be selected, and any checkmark options.

NOTE: Summary Reports do not provide filters to exclude NON Call Center service tickets. Summary Reports provide a birds eye view, with limited filters. Thus, to get the number of Call Center Service tickets that are OPEN at the end of the week - you must use the Detail Report option. Further note, as time goes past, it would be expected that you would have few if any results for OPEN tickets. Hopefully they would be closed.

To get a DETAIL Report
1. Go to the Command Center
2. Choose the ENTERED BY = Call Center PM Open Hansen
3. Remove the checkmark next to ENTERED BY
4. Select OPEN from the Status dropdown list
5. Remove the checkmakr next to STATUS
6. Select your weekly date range.
7. Compare your remaining selections to the sample Command Center to ensure they are the same.
8. Click on the GREEN BUTTON to Save Options
9. Click on the REPORTS section in the GREEN NAVIGATION bar
10. Choose the Detail Report section, and click on the link "by Problem"
9. Note: Depending on when you run this report, don't be surprised if the report appears "blank". If line items appear, this Detail Report will show any open tickets that were received during the week selected. Since the tickets are OPEN, no repairs have yet been made. In this case, there is only ONE problem associated with a Call Center Ticket. Thus, the total number of items listed on this report (see the end of the report) represents TOTAL number of service tickets received by the Call Center.

SAVING your Report
1. All reports are displayed in .PDF format
2. To SAVE your .PDF report, click on FILE...then SAVE AS. Give the document a name on your hard drive to save.

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